ABC store Acceptable in all references to one of North Carolina’s state-run liquor stores.

academic courses Capitalize formal class designations: History 128. Capitalize and enclose in quotes course titles: “Mass Media Law and Ethics.” But in general mention of a course of study, do not capitalize unless it is a proper noun: This semester, he is enrolled in “Survey of American Authors,” biology, Economics 410, Russian history and Spanish 105. Lowercase general subject names: contemporary literature, media law.

academic titles Identify faculty members in news stories with rank as verified personally or in University publications. Give the rank after the name: Cathy Packer, professor of journalism. Members of the teaching faculty are ranked as follows: professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, teaching assistants. Part-time faculty members carry the designation adjunct before their rank.

academic colleges and schools Capitalize university colleges, schools and divisions. On first reference, include the “of” where it is used: College of Arts and Sciences, General College, School of Media and Journalism, School of Government, School of Dentistry. When, on subsequent reference, formal names are reversed to delete the “of,” retain the capitalization: School of Law, Law School. Lowercase when identifying areas of study: Students study law; she is majoring in communications.

academic departments Lowercase departments and curricula, except the parts of their names that are proper nouns. Use the “of” or “in” only in multiword titles: curriculum in international studies, history department, English department, department of exercise and sport science.

Ackland Art Museum The museum is in the Ackland Building. (There is no Ackland Art Center.) The Ackland or the museum is acceptable on second reference. The Ackland Museum Store is on Franklin Street near the museum itself.

addresses In some situations, include addresses of individuals in news stories unless they are clearly and unmistakably identified by their titles or positions. Let common sense be your guide. The address of Adam B. Johnson, professor of journalism, would not be needed in a story dealing with the School of Media and Journalism; if Johnson spoke to the Town Council about street problems in front of his home, then his home address should be included. Addresses may be omitted in more casual instances, such as when a spectator at a street festival is being quoted or when a shopper is commenting on the opening of a new center. Students should be identified by their majors, their classes and their hometowns unless their local addresses are important to the story. First-years (freshmen) and sophomores with no declared majors can be identified as being in General College. Juniors and seniors with no declared majors are in the College of Arts and Sciences.

ages Always include the age of the deceased person in an obituary, and also use ages in situations in which specific identification is crucial. When a person is involved in a crime or injured in an accident, for example, the story should say how old the person is to avoid confusion with others bearing similar names. In other cases, omit the ages of adults unless age is significant. A story quoting a member of the Town Council, therefore, should not mention her age. Giving her age, however, would be appropriate in a profile. Because children’s accomplishments are measured in terms of their ages, their ages almost always are relevant to the story. Avoid saying a young child. All children are young. Avoid placing undue emphasis on age. Pointing out that an attorney is “only” 24 or “still active” at 67 can be demeaning.

Alcohol Law Enforcement, Division of A division of the state Department of Public Safety in charge of enforcing alcohol regulations. ALE is acceptable on second reference, as is the division.

alderman A member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen is an alderman, regardless of that person’s sex.

Alpha Phi Omega Service fraternity Acceptable on second reference: APO.

Alert Carolina UNC-Chapel Hill’s electronic system used to alert students and faculty of danger on campus.

Appalachian State University Acceptable on second reference: ASU, Appalachian State.

APPLES The program started in spring 1990 to educate students and faculty about service learning and to provide greater accessibility to service through a wide variety of classes and departments. It’s an acronym for “assisting people in planning learning experiences in service.” APPLES is acceptable on first reference.

ArtsCenter, The Use and capitalize “The.” The arts organization whose building is in Carrboro. Avoid TAC, except in direct quotes.

Area Health Education Centers The statewide program provides educational programs in conjunction with universities and other health care groups. AHEC is acceptable on second reference.

Atlantic Coast Conference Acceptable on second reference: ACC. Member schools: Boston College, Clemson University, Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, University of Louisville, University of Miami, UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, University of Pittsburgh, Syracuse University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest. Notre Dame is a partial member.

auditorium Several campus buildings contain teaching auditoriums or large lecture halls. Unless the auditorium bears its own name, capitalize the name of the building it is in but not the word auditorium: Hill Hall auditorium, Carmichael Auditorium.

bail, bond In most instances, use bail and ignore bond. A judge sets bail for an accused; if the accused can’t post the amount of the bail, he is held in lieu of bail; if he can post bail, he is released. The bond is the obligation signed by the accused, along with the money or other valuables held by the court, to secure his presence in court.

barbecue Do not use as a verb. In North Carolina, barbecue typically refers to a pork dish, although it can be prepared with other meats.

Bell Tower Officially known as the Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower. Bell Tower is acceptable in all references.

Black Student Movement Acceptable on second reference: BSM.

Board of Governors The body supervising the University of North Carolina system. Its 32 members are elected by the two houses of the General Assembly. Lowercase in reference to boards of governors of other organizations, conforming to AP style. Avoid the abbreviation BOG.

Board of Trustees The body supervising UNC-Chapel Hill. Eight of its members are appointed by the Board of Governors; four are named by the governor. The student body president is an ex officio member. Lowercase in reference to boards of trustees of other organizations, conforming to AP style. Avoid BOT.

buildings Capitalize the proper names of buildings, including the word “building” if it is a part of the proper name. Most of UNC-Chapel Hill’s academic buildings are referred to as halls: Carroll Hall, Greenlaw Hall, Wilson Hall. Libraries on campus are rarely referred to by their full names. Davis Library is acceptable for Walter Royal Davis Library, and Undergraduate Library is acceptable for Robert B. House Undergraduate Library. For libraries associated with specific departments and programs, follow the style used in campus listings: Health Sciences Library, Park Library.

Campus Health Services Formerly the Student Health Service.

Campus Y

captions Text used to describe a photograph. Also called cutlines.

Carolina This diminutive is acceptable only in quotes and on second reference to athletic teams at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Carolina Association of Black Journalists Acceptable on second reference: CABJ.

Carolina Athletic Association A student-run organization not directly associated with the department of athletics. Acceptable on second reference: CAA.

Carolina Dining Services The agency that provides food in campus dining halls. It takes a singular verb.

Carolina Hall Formerly Saunders Hall; renamed in 2015.

Carolina North A research and mixed-use academic campus planned for 250 acres west of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and north of Estes Drive.

Carolina Union Not the name of a building but rather the name of the organization that conducts activities in the Student Union.

Carrboro Carrboro is a town, not a city. It is governed by a Board of Aldermen and has both a mayor, who is elected, and a town manager, who is appointed. The forms: Carrboro Board of Aldermen, Board of Aldermen, board, Alderman John Smith.

Carrboro Farmers’ Market A plural possessive. Second reference: Farmers’ Market, the market.

Carrboro Town Commons The field beside the Town Hall used for the Farmers’ Market.

Carrboro Century Center Houses the Carrboro Recreation and Parks Department, and the Carrboro Police Department. Second reference: Century Center, the center.

Carroll Hall Home of the School of Media and Journalism.

Cat’s Cradle Music club in Carrboro; originally in Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Chapel Hill is a town, not a city. It is governed by a Town Council, and it has both a mayor, who is elected, and a town manager, who is appointed. The forms: Chapel Hill Town Council, Town Council, council, council member Joan Smith (lowercase because it’s not a formal title).

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools The school system for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. Its policy is set by the School Board, which has elected members. The system is supervised by a superintendent, who is appointed by and responsible to the School Board. The forms: Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board, the School Board, the board. For schools bearing the name of people, it’s acceptable to identify the school on first reference by using the honorees’ last name. (Example: McDougle Middle School on first reference for Charles and Lucile McDougle Middle School.) Always, however, give the full name of Frank Porter Graham Elementary School on first reference. Either the name of the school alone (Ephesus Road, Culbreth, Frank Porter Graham) or the name of the school and its type (Ephesus Road Elementary, Culbreth Middle, Chapel Hill High) may be used on second reference.

Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership The Downtown Partnership or the partnership on second reference. The seven-member panel comprises four members from the town, two from UNC-Chapel Hill and one picked by the other six, and is geared toward improving the downtown business environment for the town, university and business owners.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Acceptable on second reference: the Chamber of Commerce, the chamber.

Chapel Hill Herald, The An edition of The Herald-Sun that is distributed in Orange County.

Chapel Hill News, The Acceptable on second reference: The News. It’s one of The News & Observer’s community newspapers.

Chapel Hill Transit A branch of the Chapel Hill town government that provides bus service in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. It’s part of the GoTriangle transit partnership. Don’t call it an authority.

class of … Lowercase class. Use of an apostrophe is acceptable: class of ’85.

Clery Act A federal law that requires all postsecondary institutions participating in federal financial aid programs to disclose campus crime statistics and security information. The law, originally known as the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, was amended in 1992 to add a requirement that schools afford the victims of campus sexual assault certain basic rights. In 1998, it was amended to expand the reporting requirements and renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC §1092(f)), in memory of a student who was slain in her dorm room in 1986. The law is enforced by the Department of Education.

Coker Arboretum Second reference: the arboretum.

Commencement Avoid the redundant Commencement ceremonies.

courts North Carolina state courts have four levels: the District Courts, which hear misdemeanor cases and certain civil cases (usually those involving $10,000 or less); the Superior Courts, which hear felony cases, civil cases (usually those involving more than $10,000) and appeals from District Court misdemeanor cases; the Court of Appeals, an intermediate appellate court consisting of 12 judges who hear cases in three-judge panels; and the Supreme Court, the state’s highest court, composed of a chief justice and six associate justices. Superior Court sessions generally are held in the county seats. Orange County Superior Court sits in Hillsborough. District Courts sit in both the county seats and in other cities and towns designated by the General Assembly. Chapel Hill has been designated as an additional seat of District Court. The N.C. Supreme Court always sits in Raleigh. The N.C. Court of Appeals usually sits in Raleigh, although it is authorized to hold court in other sites throughout the state The forms: N.C. Supreme Court, N.C. Court of Appeals, Orange County Superior Court, Chapel Hill District Court, Hillsborough District Court.

Crime Stoppers Serves Chapel Hill, Carrboro and UNC-Chapel Hill. Crime Stoppers is now part of an organization that also includes Raleigh, Durham and Cary.

Daily Tar Heel, The The student-run newspaper published Monday through Friday during the school year and weekly during summer school. Acceptable on second reference: the DTH.

Davis Library Acceptable on first reference for the Walter Royal Davis Library.

Dean E. Smith Student Activities Center Smith Center is acceptable on first reference. Use the full name when writing about the building itself. Avoid Dean Dome except in quotes.

Department of Transportation Second reference: DOT.

Duke University Acceptable on second reference: Duke.

DWI Abbreviation for “driving while impaired.” The charge applies to cases involving drugs as well as those involving alcohol. DWI is acceptable on second reference.

East Carolina University Acceptable on second reference: ECU, East Carolina.

Eastgate shopping center Acceptable on all references for the collection of shops, including Trader Joe’s, on East Franklin Street. The company that owns it refers to the center as The Shops at Eastgate. Don’t do that unless it’s in a direct quote.

Elizabeth City State University Acceptable on second reference: ECSU, Elizabeth City State.

Eshelman School of Pharmacy Second reference: the Pharmacy School, the school.

Fayetteville State University Acceptable on second reference: Fayetteville State. Avoid FSU.

fire department Use these forms: Chapel Hill Fire Department, Chapel Hill firefighters; Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department, Carrboro firefighters; the Fire Department (referring to Chapel Hill), the Fire-Rescue Department (for Carrboro), the department. Capitalize only ranks preceding a name: Carrboro firefighter Ralph Jones, Chapel Hill fire Capt. Thomas Smith, Carrboro fire Chief Ronald Dodge.

First-year UNC-Chapel Hill’s preferred alternative to freshman. For use in official contexts. Note hyphenation: He is a first-year, a first-year student, a student in his first year. Freshman is acceptable in other circumstances: As a freshman, Mary Smith took economics.

Friday Center Acceptable on all references to the William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center. Also acceptable: Friday Continuing Education Center, when the function of the building needs to be stated.

General Alumni Association Acceptable on second reference: GAA, alumni association.

General Assembly North Carolina’s state legislature is called the General Assembly and must be referred to as such on first reference. It may be called the legislature or the assembly (note lowercase) on second reference. Its two houses are the House of Representatives and the Senate. The lieutenant governor presides over the Senate. Both the House and Senate meet in the Legislative Building in Raleigh.

Gillings School of Global Public Health Second reference: the Public Health School, the school.

Granville Towers Dormitory complex owned by the University of North Carolina Foundation.

Health Affairs, Division of The Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing and Pharmacy collectively are the Division of Health Affairs. UNC Hospitals is a separate entity with its own governing board. The Medical School and the hospitals together do not constitute a Medical Center (UNC-CH doesn’t have one), but it is permissible to refer generically to such, as in: He said UNC-Chapel Hill had one of the few medical centers in the nation doing that kind of research.

Herald-Sun, The Use in all references to this newspaper and website. Durham is not part of the news organization’s name.

He’s Not Here Bar on Franklin Street. He’s Not is acceptable on second reference.

highway designations N.C. 86, U.S. 15-501, U.S. 15-501 Bypass, Interstate 40, Interstate 40-85 (for the stretch where the roads are merged). The shortened forms I-40 or I-95 are acceptable on second reference. North Carolina also has a system of secondary roads. These roads are denoted by four digits: S.R. 1234.

Highway Patrol Proper titles vary by state. The state police force in North Carolina is the N.C. Highway Patrol. Refer to its members who hold no other rank as troopers: N.C. Highway Patrol trooper Mary Jones. Second references: Highway Patrol, patrol.

Hispanic Be as geographically specific as possible when referring to a person or group. She is from Argentina. He is a Mexican-American. The use of Hispanic is acceptable, as is Latino or Latina. If possible, follow the person’s preference. The terms refer to ancestry, not race. Be consistent in whatever term you use to cover a broad group, and consult the AP Stylebook for more guidance.

House of Representatives It is acceptable to refer to the N.C. House of Representatives as the House when the reference is clear. Its presiding officer is the speaker or speaker of the House. It is the lower house of the General Assembly. All 120 members stand for election every two years.

Inter-Faith Council Acceptable first reference for Inter-Faith Council for Social Service. Do not use IFC in a reference to this body unless it’s unavoidable in a direct quote. Acceptable on second reference: the council.

Interfraternity Council Acceptable on second reference: IFC.

Joint Orange-Chatham Community Action Agency. Acceptable on second reference: JOCCAA.

Journalism Alumni and Friends Association Acceptable on second reference: JAFA.

j-school Limit this nickname to direct quotes and casual references in features stories. “I have fond memories of the j-school.”

judges Judges preside over the N.C. District Court, N.C. Superior Court, N.C. Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court and U.S. Court of Appeals. Members of the N.C. Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court are justices. The forms: District Judge Hunter Patrick, Superior Court Judge James Pulley, Appeals Court Judge William H. Dardich, N.C. Supreme Court Justice Carl J. Winston. Judges and justices in North Carolina are popularly elected. All federal judges are appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Kenan Center Acceptable in all references for the Kenan Conference Center.

Kenan-Flagler Business School Second reference: the Business School, the school, Kenan-Flagler (mainly in news stories referring to other business schools).

Kenan Memorial Stadium Home of Tar Heels football games and other events, including Commencement. Kenan Stadium is acceptable on first reference.

legislative titles Members of the N.C. House of Representatives should be designated by the use of Rep. before their names. Designation of members of the state Senate should be as Sen. In stories dealing with both U.S. senators or representatives and state senators or representatives, all names should include the level on which the elected official serves. The forms: U.S. Sen. Ralph Smith, R-N.C.; U.S. Rep. Michael Jones, D-N.C.; N.C. Sen. Ralph White, D-Chatham; N.C. Rep. Jane Smith, D-Orange; State Sen. Ralph White, D-Chatham; State Rep. Jane Smith, D-Orange.

Lenoir Hall Not Lenoir Dining Hall, though the dining hall is acceptable on second reference.

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Lineberger must be used on first reference to the facility in Chapel Hill. (Duke also has a Comprehensive Cancer Center.)

magistrates In North Carolina, magistrates hear small-claims cases, accept guilty pleas to minor misdemeanors and perform other minor judicial duties, including marriages. They also issue arrest and search warrants and set bail. The chief district judge supervises magistrates.

McCorkle Place This is the grassy area on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus bordered on the north by Franklin Street, on the south by Cameron Avenue, the east by Old East, Alumni Building and Graham Memorial Hall, and on the west by Hill, Person, Vance, Battle and Pettigrew halls.

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA is acceptable on all references.

National Pan-Hellenic Council It governs eight historically African-American fraternities and sororities at UNC-Chapel Hill.

N.C. Zoo, the Acceptable in all references to the N.C. Zoological Park in Asheboro.

News & Observer, The Raleigh is not part of the news organization’s name. Acceptable on second reference: The N&O.

North Campus, South Campus, mid-campus The dividing line between North Campus and South Campus is South Road, although the buildings immediately south of South Road, including Fetzer and Woollen gymnasiums and Carmichael Auditorium, can be thought of as on North Campus. Use mid-campus only in a general sense; no area of the campus is defined as such.

North Carolina In most cases, do not abbreviate as an adjective. Make it a North Carolina man, not an N.C. man, except in headlines. When North Carolina precedes the name of an organization other than a college or university, abbreviate it. For example, the N.C. Association of Educators, the N.C. Nurses Association. When the state name follows an organization’s name, do not abbreviate. For example, the State Employees Association of North Carolina, not the State Employees Association of N.C.

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Acceptable on second reference: N.C. A&T.

North Carolina Central University Acceptable on second reference: NCCU, N.C. Central.

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics NCSSM is acceptable on second reference.

North Carolina State University Acceptable on second reference: NCSU, N.C. State. Avoid State except in direct quotes.

offices When the word is part of an official title, it is capitalized: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, District Attorney’s Office.

Old Well

Online News Association ONA is acceptable on second reference.

Onyen A username for each UNC-Chapel Hill student, faculty member and staff member. Used to log in to various electronic services on campus. Short for “only name you’ll ever need.” Onyen is acceptable in all references; define the term if necessary for readers not familiar with the university.

Orange County Chapel Hill is in Orange County. Hillsborough is the county seat of Orange County. The county is run by an elected Board of Commissioners that employs a county manager. The board is headed by a chairman; its members are commissioners. Forms: Board of Commissioners, commissioners, Commission Chairman Clark Kent, Commissioner Lois Lane.

Orange County Jail It is in Hillsborough. Do not call it a detention center, except in direct quotes. See the AP Stylebook for a discussion of the differences between a prison and a jail.

Orange Water and Sewer Authority Acceptable on second reference: OWASA. This board, with members representing Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County, oversees the water and sewer systems.

Outer Banks A string of islands that begins at the Virginia state line and ends below Cape Lookout. The islands extend for more than 175 miles.

Panhellenic Council This is the governing body of sororities at UNC-Chapel Hill.

party affiliation Party affiliation for members of the General Assembly consists of the political party abbreviation and the home county: Rep. John Smith, D-Orange; Sen. Ralph White, D-Chatham. Party affiliation tags for those elected to federal office consist of political party and the abbreviation for the state: Sen. John Holmes, R-N.C. General Assembly members are always identified by political party when they are mentioned in news stories. Statewide officeholders – such as the governor, lieutenant governor and members of the Council of State – are not identified by party unless it is pertinent. Although officials on the county level are members of political parties, usually they are not so identified. Municipal elections in North Carolina are usually nonpartisan.

percentage, percentage point A percent or percentage is a number expressed as a fraction of 100. A percentage point is the difference between two percentages. She received 51 percent of the vote. Her opponent received 49 percent of the vote. There was a two percentage point difference between the totals. Do not describe a percentage point difference as a percent increase or decrease.

PID Person ID Number. The PID is the nine-digit identification number assigned to all persons with a university relationship. It appears on the UNC One Card. PID is acceptable on first reference.

Piedmont Area of the state extending from Wake, Durham, Orange and Alamance counties in the east through Mecklenburg, Gaston and Lincoln counties in the west.

Pit, the This is the area, a few steps below ground level, bordered by Student Stores, the Student Union, Lenoir Hall and the Undergraduate Library. The Pit is used for performances, receptions, speeches and debates.

PlayMakers Repertory Company The department of dramatic art’s professional theater company. Playmakers Theatre is a building on campus, also known as Smith Hall. The PlayMakers Repertory Company most often uses the Paul Green Theatre, which is in the Center for Dramatic Art, to perform.

police Both Chapel Hill and Carrboro have police departments; UNC-Chapel Hill has a Public Safety Department, a term rarely needed in news stories. Use these forms: Chapel Hill Police Department, Chapel Hill police; Carrboro Police Department, Carrboro police; UNC-Chapel Hill police; the department. Refer to uniformed officers of all  departments as police officers unless they hold a rank. (See military titles in the AP Stylebook.) Capitalize only ranks preceding a name: Carrboro police officer Jim Jones, UNC-Chapel Hill police Sgt. Lauren Cuomo, Chapel Hill Master Officer Frank Smith, Carrboro police Chief William Dodge. Note: Treat detective as a rank only in the Carrboro department. Officers who work as detectives with the UNC-CH and Chapel Hill police hold other ranks. Avoid using “detective” before a name when it’s not a formal title: Carrboro police Detective Larry Berra; Lt. Martha Campanella, a detective with the UNC-Chapel Hill police.

Polk Place This is the grassy area on campus bordered by South Building on the north, Wilson Library on the south, several buildings on the east, including Steele and Bingham, and several on the west, including Hanes and Dey.

publications and programs A list of prominent publications and programs at UNC-Chapel Hill:
Black Ink: The Black Student Movement’s magazine.
Blue & White: A monthly student-run magazine about the University.
Carolina Communicator: The journalism school’s twice-yearly publication. On second reference: the Communicator.
Carolina Connection: A student-run weekly radio show.
Carolina Week: A student-run weekly news broadcast.
Carrboro Commons: A website by students in “Community Journalism” and “Advanced Editing” courses. It covers the town of Carrboro.
Durham VOICE: A website by students in “Community Journalism” and “Advanced Editing” courses. It covers northeast-central Durham. Print edition published five times per semester.
The Daily Tar Heel: Independent, student-run publication. DTH is acceptable on second reference.
Siren: student-run magazine and website covering gender equity.
Sports Xtra: The School of Media and Journalism’s student-run weekly sports news broadcast.
Synapse: A student-run digital magazine.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport Second reference: RDU, the airport.

Rams Head Center and Plaza The center is the structure behind Kenan Stadium. It includes a dining hall, a recreation center and grocery store. Rams Head Plaza is the area on top of the parking garage with grassy area and brick walkways.

Rams Head Dining Hall The dining hall on South Campus.

Reese News Lab A research project of the School of Media and Journalism. Named for alumnus Reese Felts. It creates and tests products and ideas for the media industry. It began in 2010 as Reese News, a multimedia news website.

Research Triangle Institute The institute is a business located in Research Triangle Park. Acceptable on second reference: RTI.

Research Triangle Park A 5,000-acre tract in Durham and Wake counties that is a hub of technology and pharmaceutical companies. RTP is acceptable on second reference.

residence hall Euphemism for dormitory. Use only in direct quotes and proper names. Ehringhaus Residence Hall, a dormitory.

resident adviser Not residence advisor. Acceptable on second reference: RA.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Acceptable on second reference: RSVP.

Sandhills Section of the state between the Cape Fear and Pee Dee rivers including parts of Richmond, Scotland, Moore, Cumberland and Harnett counties. The area is famous for peaches. The resort communities of Pinehurst and Southern Pines are in the Sandhills.

School of Media and Journalism Formerly the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Make the second reference “the school” or “the MJ- school.” “MJ” is uppercase, followed by a hyphen and a lowercase “s” in “school.” Colloquially, the school may be referred to as “the j-school.” Do not reverse the title to “Media and Journalism School” when referring to this unit of UNC-Chapel Hill. As of fall 2016, course listings will switch from “JOMC” to “MEJO.” Course names are the only appropriate reference for “MEJO.” Undergraduate students major in media and journalism (lowercase) but receive a B.A. in Media and Journalism. Business journalism graduates earn a B.A. in Business Journalism. Graduate degrees conferred are an M.A. in Mass Communication, an M.A. in Technology and Communication and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication. The school also offers one graduate-level certificate program in which graduates earn a Certificate in Technology and Communication. With the rebranding on July 1, 2015, the MJ-school adopted the new tagline, Start Here / Never Stop. The tagline is written Start Here / Never Stop (uppercase, no quotations, no periods, spaces around the slash to reflect the brand logo.) Example: Start Here / Never Stop Seminar; Start Here / Never Stop Campaign.

semesters Lowercase references to semesters: spring semester, fall semester.

Senate It is acceptable to refer to the N.C. Senate as the Senate when it is clear that reference is being made to that particular state institution. It is the upper house of the General Assembly. Its 50 members are elected every two years. Its presiding officer is generally the lieutenant governor. It also has a president pro tem, who presides when the lieutenant governor is absent.

sheriff’s offices, departments Law enforcement within the counties in North Carolina is provided by sheriff’s offices or departments, with the term varying from county to county. Orange County uses the term Sheriff’s Office. Officers are called deputies unless they hold a rank: Orange County Sheriff Jane Smith, deputy James Jones. Note: Investigator is a rank in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office: Investigator Nelson Rickey. Capitalize according to the rules for other governmental bodies: the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office (when referring to a specific office).

Silent Sam

slash Avoid use of this punctuation mark. The slash is used for either “and” or “or” or both. The reader cannot tell what meaning is desired. So do not use the slash between words. Instead, use “and” or “or” as appropriate.

Society for News Design Formerly Society for Newspaper Design. SND is acceptable on second reference.

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History Stone Center is acceptable on second reference.

state agencies Lowercase state: state Division of Prisons, state Department of Labor, state Auctioneer Licensing Board. “N.C.” may be used in place of state: N.C. Division of Prisons. Exception: State Bureau of Investigation.

State Bureau of Investigation Second reference: SBI.

State Employees Association of North Carolina Acceptable on second reference: SEANC.

State Employees’ Credit Union Note the apostrophe.

Streets at Southpoint, The A mall and adjacent stores in Durham. Southpoint is acceptable on second reference.

student body president Head of the executive branch of Student Government at UNC-Chapel Hill. Capitalize title when it precedes a name, lowercase otherwise: Student Body President Marie Fritts; Marie Fritts, the student body president.

Student Congress The legislative branch of Student Government. Its members are representatives: Student Congress Rep. Joe Smith.

student courts Cases involving the Honor Code are heard by the Undergraduate Honor Court and the Graduate and Professional Honor Court.

Student Government Capitalize in reference to the student governing body at UNC-Chapel Hill. Lowercase otherwise: Student Government elections are held in the spring. Oberlin College has a student government.

students, identifying In most cases, identification should be by college class, by major and by hometown: Jane Jones, a senior education major from Hickory. Change the order of the elements when clarity dictates: Amy Daniel, a junior from Chapel Hill double-majoring in journalism and history. Juniors and seniors with no declared majors are in the College of Arts and Sciences. If the story centers on the student’s position within the UNC-Chapel Hill community, however, identifying information should stress that connection. In identifying class officers, for instance, the class and the office are more important than the other data: Senior Class President John Goodwin.

Student Stores Takes a singular verb. Student Stores sells textbooks.

Student Union Acceptable on all references to the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. It is not the Carolina Union; that organization conducts activities in the Student Union.

Tar Heels Tar Heels is two words in all references. The Heels is acceptable on second and succeeding references in sports stories.

time, date and place When all three of these elements appear in the same sentence, generally use them in the order given above, as in, The meeting will be at 4 p.m. Monday in Room 58 at Carroll Hall. (Put no punctuation between the time and day.)

titles Long titles should be used as appositives after names. When thus used, they appear in lowercase: Jack Jones, vice chancellor and dean of student affairs, resigned this week. Shorter titles go before the name and are capitalized: Chancellor Carol Folt spoke to the class. Use the title on first reference only. On second reference, use only the last name: Chancellor Carol Folt, Folt; Judge Marie Chang, Chang.

Title IX One of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), 20 USC §1681 et seq., Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at institutions receiving federal financial assistance from the Department of Education. Title IX protects individuals from sexual harassment and acts of sexual violence — forms of sex discrimination — in connection with all academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic and other programs at federally funded institutions, including UNC-Chapel Hill. The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights enforces Title IX, among other statutes.

Triad The area that includes Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point.

Triangle, the Roughly, a region of North Carolina that encompasses the area inside the triangle formed by the campuses of the UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University and North Carolina State University. It should be referred to as the Research Triangle or simply the Triangle, not Triangle area or Raleigh-Durham. Its core consists of Wake, Durham and Orange counties, though surrounding counties such as Chatham or Johnston may be considered part of the Triangle.

UNC Use only in these cases: on first reference to UNC Hospitals, on second reference as part of the phrases UNC Press and the UNC system, and in sports stories and sports-story headlines about Tar Heels athletics. Do not use UNC in other references to the UNC-Chapel Hill. The acceptable abbreviation is UNC-CH. Use that abbreviation only on second and succeeding references.

UNC Health Care System owned by the state of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill. It includes the School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals, as well as a network of community medical practices and a home health agency.

university activities Capitalize all formal campus activities: Homecoming, University Day, Commencement.

University of North Carolina, the The system consists of 17 institutions, the acceptable abbreviations for which follow the names. The chief executive officer of the University of North Carolina system is called president. Constituent institutions are headed by chancellors.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the The shortened form UNC-Chapel Hill may serve in first reference to the Chapel Hill campus in stories that make no reference to other UNC campuses. The full title of the university need not appear in the story. UNC-CH is permitted on second reference. When appropriate, the Chapel Hill campus or the university may also be used on second reference. If more than one UNC campus is mentioned in a story, use the title for each on first reference so that all schools are treated equally. Examples:
UNC-Asheville Acceptable on second reference: UNC-A.
UNC-Charlotte Acceptable on second reference: UNC-C.
UNC-Greensboro Acceptable on second reference: UNC-G.
UNC-Pembroke Acceptable on second reference: UNC-P.
UNC-Wilmington Acceptable on second reference: UNC-W.

UNC Hospitals The hospitals are N.C. Memorial Hospital, N.C. Cancer Hospital, N.C. Children’s Hospital, N.C. Neurosciences Hospital and N.C Women’s Hospital. It’s acceptable to use UNC Hospitals on first reference when saying that a person was treated at UNC Hospitals or died at UNC Hospitals. Specify which hospital when relevant to the story. Treat as a singular noun: UNC Hospitals is looking for more parking spaces for its employees.

UNC One Card The official identification card for students, faculty and staff at UNC-Chapel Hill.

University of North Carolina Press Housed in Brooks Hall. Acceptable on second reference: UNC Press. It’s an affiliate of the UNC system.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts The school, in Winston-Salem, has graduate, undergraduate and high school students. Acceptable on second reference: UNCSA, the School of the Arts.

University Place Mall in Chapel Hill that opened in 1973. Formerly known as University Mall.

Western Carolina University Acceptable on second reference: WCU, Western Carolina.

Undergraduate Library Acceptable in all references to Robert B. House Undergraduate Library.

Upward Bound An educational assistance program designed to generate in participants the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond high school. At UNC-Chapel Hill, it operates under the School of Education.

Wake Forest University This private, coeducational institution has been located in Winston-Salem since 1956. Second reference: WFU, Wake Forest (so long as there’s no potential for confusion with the town of Wake Forest, its original home).

Winston-Salem State University Acceptable on second reference: WSSU, Winston-Salem State.

Woollen Gymnasium Woollen Gym is acceptable on second reference. Tar Heel basketball teams played here from 1939 to 1965, winning a national championship in 1957.

Work-study The work-study program, funded primarily by the federal government, allows students to earn part of their financial aid through employment on campus. A work-study student, work-study job.